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        Mulberry ice-cream is process manufacture with wholly hygienic. The taste of our ice-cream is highly salubrious and well tasted. Its packaging material is high standard. Mulberry ice-cream uniqueness comes from the fact that each product made of succulent and flavorsome. Like wise A new experience of ice-cream with Mulberry, Aftertaste Fill up rejoice, re-energizing, refreshing.It is now able to on one’s mettle, By product of Sugarfree, Low Fat diabetic delight ice-cream is created for the health conscious. So we sure that the Mulberry ice-cream will bring more confidence to our Customers .Our range of the product to the customers, available on a pack from Rs 5 to 500.


Our planning is to develop long term activities of ice-cream
1-To establish fully automatic candy machine.
2-Growing market.
3-Changing the Flavors per the requirement of our customers.
4-Opening Ice-cream parlour.
5-Exportation out of state.